Pastor Ruben Mendez

Iglesia Cornerstone

Pastor Ruben Mendez is the Director and Pastor of Iglesia Cornerstone, a thriving, Spanish Speaking church located in San Antonio under the covering of Cornerstone Church and John Hagee Ministries.  Pastor Mendez can be heard on Radio Luz 1160 AM and La Once Treinta 1130 AM, Monday – Friday 9-10a.m.   Pastor Mendez received his theological training at Fountain Gate Bible College.  He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanitarianism from Denver Institute of Urban Studies and Adult College. Before coming to San Antonio, he served 14 years as one of the Associate Pastors of a mega church under the leadership of Pastor George Morrison.  He has traveled extensively to minister the gospel to over 30 countries which includes Latin America, Central America, Asia, Russia, Israel, Egypt and Europe.