Pastor Mani Erfan

He was born in Iran as was raised as a shiite Muslim and immigrated to USA in 1983. While attending college at University of Florida to become an engineer, Mani had a super natural and miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ in 1987. In Mani’s own words,” I was introduced to the God of the Bible through such a manifestation of His Power that no words or traditions of man could cast doubt to me that Jesus Christ was a Risen God”. 2001 proved to be a very special year both in terms of ministry and professionally. Start of a new business venture and preaching the Gospel to the Middle East via Satellite TV. Every week thousands of Muslims view Mani’s programs with well over 1 million viewers connected to the Satellite TV programing. Hundreds of underground pastors and leaders have now been trained by him and the work continues. Business success has allowed Mani to become involved in humanitarian efforts around the globe. Mani travels to remote parts of the Globe from Somalia to Sudan seeking opportunities to show the love of Christ in the most tangible way.