Mario Bramnick

Chairman of the Board and President, Latino Coalition For Israel

Mario Bramnick graduated with honors from the University of Miami in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Degree and with a Juris Doctorate Degree of Law from the University of Miami in 1982.  He has practiced law in the field of Commercial Law and Civil Litigation.  Mr. Bramnick was born in Cuba and is fluent in English and Spanish. Mr. Bramnick is Chairman of the Board and President of the Latino Coalition for Israel, with a vision to establish the largest Hispanic Pro-Israel organization in America to combat the Global rise of Antisemitism and raise awareness of the critical intersection of Israel and America’s future.  Mr. Bramnick has had numerous articles published on, Christian News, US News Wire, Charisma Magazine, Christianity Today, Algemeiner, Breaking Christian News and Breaking Israel News.  Mr. Bramnick hosted an event in the United Nations on the Persecuted Christian in the Middle East and has mobilized lobbying for Safe Haven in the Nineveh Plains for Iraqi Christians. Mr. Bramnick served as National Hispanic Advisory Council for the Donald J. Trump Campaign. Mr. Bramnick has been named as surrogate for President Trump and was interviewed on behalf of the Campaign on several English and Spanish news media outlets including Univision, Telemundo, CNN En Español, Fusion, MSNBC, Time Magazine, The Hill, Associated Press News, Fox Latino, Charisma News, Bloomberg News, Christianity Today En Español, Jewish Press and JTA.  Mr. Bramnick officiated four invocations for Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence at their campaign rallies and spoke at one of the town hall meetings with Mr. Trump and Hispanic supporters.  Mr. Bramnick was involved in the securing of strong pro-Israel language strengthening the Republican platform, which reinstated reference to an undivided Jerusalem.  See link.   HTTP://WWW.ALGEMEINER.COM/2016/07/14/THE-STORY-BEHIND-THE-GOPS-ANTI-TWO-STATE-PLATFORM/ Mr. Bramnick worked with David Friedman, Ambassador to Israel and Jason Greenblatt, Special Representative for International Negotiations, Trump Administration on Israel policy for the Campaign. Mr. Bramnick works with top tier leadership from the Jewish Community and Christian pro-Israel Community and hosted approximately 24 events annually.  Mr. Bramnick has coordinated lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill against the Iranian deal and on the Anti BDS in Florida, Ohio and California.   Mr. Bramnick has convened a group of Evangelical leaders representing tens of millions of Evangelicals to mobilize grass root efforts, lobbying and diplomacy in support of strong U.S./Israel relations and in support of U.S./Israel policy, to act as a bridge between Israel and the Administration.   Mr. Bramnick is the Chairman of the Board of Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition, LCI’s affiliate, coordinated Israeli Caribbean Economic Partnership Conferences and Israeli Caribbean Business Innovation and Technology Conferences with Caribbean Heads of State to engage Caribbean nations in stronger economic and foreign policy relations with Israel. Mr. Bramnick and his wife Maria Asela have been married for 25 years with 6 children all of whom were homeschooled through primary and secondary education.