Dr. Blas N. Ramirez Perez

Dr. Blas N. Ramirez Perez, Superintendent of Red de Ministerios Sonshine, is a teacher and counselor to hundreds of men and women in several nations around the world. He demonstrates a genuine concern for the formation of Christian character and the development of effective leaders, Bishop Blas does not limit his mentoring to the ministerial field, but extends it to individuals in the political arena. He possesses a great passion for missions, an authentic interest and respect for the manifestation of individual gifts and human relationships. His message of the Word of God, united with his example as a minister of God and as a person, is transforming lives for the Kingdom of Christ. He is happily married to Pastor Wanda Garcia and together they have two wonderful children. A man of broad culture, Dr. Ramírez obtained his Bachelor’s in Physical and Natural Sciences at the Secondary High School in Independencia, Dominican Republic, and studied at the Law School of O & M University in Santo Domingo. He’s also obtained countless certifications in the area of business management. Although he has distinguished himself in the business world, his life revolves around his ministerial calling. He earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree in Theology at the International Bible University of Orlando, Florida. He studied pastoral counseling and leadership at the Haggai Institute in Maui, Hawaii. He was trained as a transcultural missionary at the Transcultural Missionary Training Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His intense ministerial education includes other degrees in theology: one at the Theological Seminary of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and another at the Theological Seminary Defensores de la Fe Cristiana, Biblical Institute of the Dominican Republic. Received a Degree in Biblical Teachings in ETTA Evangelical Training, in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. Bishop Blas N. Ramírez’s ministerial experience of more than twenty-five years is extensive and diverse, including the following: * INTERNATIONAL MEMBER of the Third World Leaders Association, previously chaired by the late Dr. Myles Munroe. * MEMBER, Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations. * MEMBER OF THE MISSIONS COMMITTEE, Movimiento Defensores de la Fe Cristiana, Puerto Rico. * MINISTER OF MISSIONS, Defensores de la Fe Cristiana Church, Nueva Jerusalem, Arecibo, Puerto Rico. * DIRECTOR OF THE THEOTHERAPY AND FOLLOW-UP PROGRAM, Government of P.R. and ASSMCA, Arecibo, P.R. * PRESIDENT OF RED GLOBAL DE MINISTERIOS, established in Latin America: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain and Portugal * PRESIDENT OF GLOBAL LEADERSHIP, located in the United States of North America, an organization dedicated to the formation of leaders with the capability of working in diverse territories, also has various signed and existing covenants with several organizations in the United States of North America * CROWN FINANCIAL, training our leaders in stewardship, also with Theology International University, a covenant for a modern and excellent Christian education.